Real Estate Management Law


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Now in its seventh edition, and 31st year, Real Estate Management Law has been revitalised to maintain its position as the leading textbook for students of real estate management, and related subjects. Written with these courses firmly in mind, and featuring up-to-date case law and coverage of new legislation, this new edition also features increased coverage of both land law and landlord and tenant law, as well as a fully updated section on planning law. The introduction of chapter overviews, key points, and self-test and scenario questions throughout the text, makes this book more readable and all-inclusive than ever before.Spis treści:PART I: OUTLINE OF THE ENGLISH LEGAL SYSTEM; 1. Introduction; 2. Administration of the Law; 3. Sources of English Law; PART II: THE LAW OF CONTRACT; 4. Introduction; 5. Agreement; 6. Binding Agreement; 7. Contractual Terms; 8. Performance and Breach; 9. Exemption Clauses, and Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts; 10. Discharge by Frustration; 11. Remedies for Breach of Contract; 12. Misrepresentation, Duress and Undue Influence; 13. Third Party Rights or Obligations under a Contract; 14. Agency; PART III: THE LAW OF TORT; 15. Introduction; 16. Negligence – Duty of Care; 17. Negligence – Breach of Duty; 18. Negligence – the Causing of Damage; 19. Defences to Negligence; 20. Breach of Statutory Duty; 21. Liability for Dangerous Premises; 22. Trespass to Land; 23. Nuisance; 24. Strict Liability; 25. Animals; 26. Vicarious Liability; 27. Remedies; PART IV: LAND LAW; 28. Land, its Ownership and Use; 29. The Formal Acquisition of Rights to Land; 30. The Informal Acquisition of Rights to Land; 31. Concurrent Ownership; 32. Easements; 33. Restrictive Covenants; 34. Mortgages; 35. Enforceability of Interests in Land; PART V: THE LAW OF LANDLORD AND TENANT; 36. Landlord and Tenant: The General Law; 37. Landlord and Tenant: Statutory Protection; PART VI: PLANNING LAW; 38. The Operation of the Planning System and its Legal Framework; 39. The Law of Development Management and Enforcement; INDEX

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